Cut Edge Corrosion Treatments

  • Using the latest industry standard equipment
  • Prolongs the life of your roof sheet cladding
  • Improves the appearance of your property’s facade
  • Reduces the need for an expensive re-roof
  • Seamless colour matching

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What Is Cut Edge Corrosion?

When the cut edge of a metal sheet has not been coated correctly and left untreated, exposure to the elements will cause cut edge corrosion, leading to water retention within the roof’s structure and the possibiity of rusting. Not only does this look extremely unsightly, the structure of your property will also be compromised which is something you should never risk.

Looking out for the early signs of cut edge corrosion, such as discolouring, cracks and paint blistering, is vital to preventing further damage to your building and ultimately, higher costs. Just Spray can complete a detailed report on site and identify any cut edge corrosion that needs attention. Using industrial equipment, our team will be able to access hard to reach areas and deliver a thorough treatment to eradicate corrosion issues.

Why choose Just Spray?

By contracting Just Spray to carry out a cut edge corrosion treatment early on, you will reduce the possibility of disruption to your business and maintain structural integrity. You can count on us to carry out a thorough repair service to ensure no problems are left untreated.

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Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment Process

  • Removal of corroded paint
  • Removal of moss, algae and grime
  • Removal of flaking paint and rust
  • Feather delaminated edges
  • Apply corrosive resistant coating
  • Apply sealant to overlapping panels
  • Eradicate cracks and blisters
  • Respray to improve dulled coating

Expert cut edge corrosion treatment

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Through our cut edge corrosion treatment, Just Spray will vastly improve the structure and appearance of your property’s facade

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Client Testimonials

Rusted Roof Repair

Just Spray attended our retail unit and identified the issues to our roofing straight away. It had rusted quite badly and some parts were coming away. After they applied their cut edge corrosion treatment, it looked brand new!