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Commercial Jet Washing

Dirt, grime and debris left uncleaned begin to have a detrimental effect on both the appearance and longevity of a commercial building. Many hidden areas of a property, as they cannot be immediately seen to the public, are allowed to multiply in uncleanliness, causing corrosion and attracting pests. During all building cleaning service, Just Spray guarantees that every aspect of the building will be cleared of dirt, ultimately, restoring the aesthetics of the property. We work with you to find the most effective route of action to achieve maximum results. All building cleaning can be completed outside of trading or working hours to ensure that disruption is kept at a low and your business can continue to operate as normal.

Why choose Just Spray?

Just Spray is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of results for businesses of all scales. Combining our years of experience in the industry, professional training and perfected techniques, we can guarantee that your commercial premises are in safe hands!

Friendly Team

The Just Spray team have your business's best interests at heart. All spraying solutions will be individually tailored to your requirements, taking an honest approach.

25 Year Guarantee

With years of testing and trailing various methods of application and techniques, Just Spray are confident that our services provide both durability and longevity.

Immaculate Results

Just Spray chose to utilise jet washing due to its proven ability to maximise cleaning methods. All signs of dirt, dust and grime will be removed completed.

Industries We Serve

  • Retail Parks
  • Business & Office Parks
  • Highstreet Shop Fronts
  • Warehouses
  • Sports & Leisure Centres
  • Industrial Estates
  • Public Buildings
  • Healthcare Centres

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Office Cleaning

Just Spray has been visiting on a regular basis to clean our office exterior for many years now, and we have never been disappointed. The team are punctual, professional and friendly.