What The Client Wanted

The Just Spray team had been contacted by our most recent client to prepare, prime and topcoat a number of tractor parts before it was being built.

Project Scope

Starting the project

To get the project started, it was imperative our team ensure all of the parts had no damage that needed preparing before we go ahead with spraying. After a full assessment of parts had been completed, we started to prepare the materials which included sanding and filling a number of scratches and small dents.

Carrying out the project

After the preparation took place, we then continued to prime the parts. By priming the parts, it ensures that all of the coatings are applied to a smooth surface, it also helps increase the longevity of the coating in which we applied.

We used both HVLP and a gravity feed compressor system to spray these parts, ensuring the correct paint rim thickness was maintained throughout the project.

Tractor Parts Before


Tractor Parts After


Project Gallery

What Our Clients Had To Say

The Just Spray team did a fantastic job of our tractor parts, I didn’t want to purchase a new tractor, so I am very pleased I could give it a little revamp with the help of the team.

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