What The Client Wanted

The Just Spray team recently completed a project at a shopping centre car park in Thurrock. The site had been severely damaged after a fire broke out on the premises back in September 2019. The client, therefore, required repair and commercial spraying of the property both internally and externally.

Project Scope

Just Spray Project Prep

Due to the damage that had been caused, it was vital that the team completed numerous site visits beforehand to ensure that the area was safe and that the project could be completed to the highest standard. The visits were attended by paint and concrete specialists to discuss the worst affected areas to help the team devise a safe solution. These site visits also included thorough site surveys, whereby the team would note down and evaluate the property, highlighting areas of damage that our operatives will need to amend before on sit spraying can take place. Through completing this, it allows our team to overcome any hurdles and provide the client with the reassurance of thorough completion of works.

Before the team began to work on the property, the area surrounding the car park was fenced off to the public, and task lighting was in operation throughout the project. This would allow the team to maintain the safety of the surrounding areas and those on-site, which is imperative for all Just Spray projects.

Carrying out the project

After analysing the damage that had been caused, it was clear that the team would first need to jet wash and thoroughly clean the smoke damaged areas; this prevents any issues occurring when spraying the property. After repairs had been made, the team were then able to apply an anti-carbonation paint using an airless spraying system, which was applied to the columns and walls of the property. Upon completion of the internal spraying, the team recoated the external walls before finishing the project.

The client was extremely happy with the final result of the project, and was shocked that the team were able to complete work within three weeks considering the level of damage.

Car Park Before


Car Park After


Project Gallery

What Our Clients Had To Say

We thought that our car park was beyond repair, but the Just Spray team did a wonderful job and completed all the tasks we required in such a short amount of time. Working with the team was really easy, and we instantly felt confident working with them from the first phone call. Thank you so much for all your help, we honestly can’t thank you enough for what you have been able to accomplish.

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