What The Client Wanted

Our team recently collaborated with Guardtech to transform a shipping container. After they cleaned the container for their client, Just Spray was contacted for a simple colour change before they were in use.

Project Scope

Just Spray Project Prep

Although this was not a building respray, much like our other projects, it was still important for us to complete a survey to identify the repairs and spraying that would be required to ensure that the correct equipment was used. It was established that a scissor lift was needed for our operatives to reach the top of the container.

Carrying out the project

The container was first cleaned by Guardtech before our team completed onsite spraying to change the container from blue to white. After commercial spraying was complete, the container was then branded ready for the client. Take a look at the final results of the branded container on Guardtech Cleanrooms Linkedin post.

Before Container Respraying


After Container Respraying


Project Gallery

What Our Clients Had To Say

We aim to provide the best service for our clients, which is why we choose Just Spray to help us transform a container. They are well known for their seamless finish and high-quality coatings, which is why we instantly thought of them when in need of some help. They were easy to discuss options with and keen to get started almost immediately. The results look impeccable, and the container looks very professional ready for the client to have their container wrapped with branding.

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