What The Client Wanted

The Just Spray Team had been instructed to carry out a Covid-19 Deep Clean of a pub for a Land Lady; this included all of the public areas within and around the premises.

Covid-19 Deep Clean

Our Cleaning Process

Although this pub, in particular, had no confirmed cases from any of the patrons or visitors, it was important for the Land Lady to take precautions and ensure her premises keeps to the highest level of cleanliness for her customers.

Throughout this Pandemic, our Managing Director Lee Hodgkins has been researching Covid-19 and speaking to numerous suppliers to ensure all of the Just Spray team are fully trained to use the correct cleaning methods and products. This ensured that our spraying and cleaning techniques lower the risk of spreading infection.

Just Spray uses a disinfectant spray which is applied to the surface via a Cordless Airless Spray System. By using this particular spraying system, we can ensure that the surfaces are not cleaned or wiped down with the same cloth that has been used on other surfaces. This is a mistake a lot of people have been making when cleaning their premises. By doing this, you are simply increasing the spread of bacteria from surface to surface. Therefore, each individual item needs to be wiped down using a clean cloth which is then disposed of.

What Just Spray Are Doing To Help

Although the virus is not directly spread by the contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, it may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or possibly their eyes.

During all of our deep cleans, we wear disposable suits and gloves, all of which are discarded by the team here at Just Spray.

To make sure your premise is kept clean throughout the stages of this virus, we recommend:

  • Clean all surfaces with a soap or detergent before disinfectant is used
  • Use disposable gloves to reduce the risk of spread
  • Contact a deep cleaning specialist

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What Our Clients Had To Say

As we all know, this is a testing time, and it can be a little tricky to carry out a deep clean on your own. After contacting Just Spray, they couldn’t have been more accomodating. The team are highly professional and very diligent when it comes to deep cleaning. I highly recommend them for any commercial cleaning or pub premises.

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