Described as a super lightweight, non-loadbearing metal stud wall, capable of excellent fire resistance, FireWall is a manufacturer that we are proud to work with. Their products allow our clients to opt for panelling that can provide up to 240 minutes of fire resistance, making it the perfect choice for organisations containing business critical items.

FireWall products allow businesses to meet all insurance requirements, without compromising on aesthetics. The increased fire-resistance from FireWall products are achieved through the use of a non-combustible glass-reinforced board, meaning that your walls will look like any other but offer an undeniable level of security.

Working with Firewall

Just Spray have chosen to work with FireWall due to the high levels of safety we can offer clients by installing their products. With a variety of fire-resistant solutions available, our team are able to advise your business on the best partition thickness for your needs; making this product highly customisable. Working with FireWall means that our services can continue to be completely bespoke and personal to your building.

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