Recognised as a reputed global manufacturer of high quality aluminium panels, Alucobond produce materials of a premium standard. As well as boasting excellent attributes, such as a variety of surfaces and colour options, Alucobond is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In terms of composition, Alucobond panels are compiled of an innovative type of aluminium composite, making it extremely light-weight, rigid and very easy to form. Their corrosion resistant properties mean that they will stand the test of time against extreme weather conditions and other external factors.

Working with Alucobond

As a company, Alucobond are committed to the environment and making the world a better place for future generations; tying in perfectly with the company objectives here at Just Spray. Composite panels from Alucobond do not release any hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere at any point of their life-cycle. As well as being fully recyclable, Alucobond meet current energy guidelines easily, making them an excellent choice for any building and a manufacturer that we really enjoy working with.

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