Whether you are a commercial property owner or are embarking on a new development project, it is likely that cladding will play a significant role in both the look and feel of your end product. This means that it will be essential to spend time shortlisting your options, taking into consideration which qualities are the most important for your property. However, if you are new to managing a commercial project, knowing where to begin can be challenging, especially if you are unsure why particular aspects play such a pivotal role. With this in mind, to allow you to familiarise yourself with the key benefits of cladding and how it can improve the condition of your building, we have put together a guide on the top qualities.

Top 7 Benefits Of Cladding

Cladding is widely used across both commercial and domestic properties, making it a key aspect of every development project. It is installed on the exterior of the building and designed to protect the interior elements, whether this may be the structural components or offices, for instance. Although the key role of cladding is to provide a durable, long-lasting barrier around the property, it is also a fantastic way to personalise the appearance of the exterior. Due to the decorative qualities, you are now able to find cladding in a vast range of materials, from aluminium to wood, allowing you to reap the unique benefits of each. Although depending on the cladding material that you choose, you will be provided with a slightly different profile of qualities, there are a handful of key benefits that you can enjoy, regardless of the system type you choose. These include the following:

Grey And Orange Cladding

Dramatically Boosts Aesthetics

First impressions always count, regardless of whether you are a customer-facing industry or not. Your premises is the first insight that outsiders get into your business, whether this may be clients, investors or even potential employees. It is for this reason that you should pay just as much attention to the aesthetics of your property that you would your online presence or the way that your staff present themselves, for example. Quality cladding gives you the perfect opportunity to achieve just that, through its complete versatility and ability to remain in immaculate condition for many years to come. As you would have installed a protective barrier over your property, you can minimise the likelihood of deterioration, which prevents your premises from beginning to look unkempt over time.

The beauty of cladding systems is that they can be updated throughout their lifespan, which means that although you may have initially installed one colour, this can be altered without having to schedule a complete replacement through on site spraying. On site spraying, otherwise known as commercial spraying, involves recoating the cladding in a new layer of colour, which has been designed with specific properties in mind. For instance, cladding manufacturer, Tikkurila, stock a specialist anti-condensation coating, which has a microporous structure, ideal for locations with more moisture. You are also able to find toughened coatings, also called 2k coatings, which are best-suited to properties which require super durable paint, such as the outside of a retail unit. The possibilities when redesigning your cladding are endless, and you are free to take advantage of full customisation.

Grey Cladding

Protects Against The Elements

As mentioned above, the primary purpose of cladding is to protect your property, but it is only when you begin to research into its capabilities that you realise the true extent of its protection. Along with preventing the structures of the building from being exposed to adverse conditions, cladding also offers crack, rust and pollution resistance. This makes it excellent for use in all manner of locations, but even more so in areas that experience variations in weather and fluctuations in temperature. For example, if you are based nearby to the coast, then strong winds, as well as salt erosion, can be potentially detrimental for the condition of your property. However, through choosing the correct cladding system, you will no longer have to worry about whether the material can withstand the change in elements.

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Provided Added Insulation

While it is always imperative to ensure that your property is adequately insulated regardless, one fantastic benefit of cladding is that it can double-up as another layer of insulation, offering extra protection. Due to the durable, robust nature of cladding, not only will it insulate against heat loss but also sound disturbances. When trying to work peacefully, there is nothing worse than distractions from the outside, whether this may be noisy passersby or cars. With just that little added insulation, you will notice that your workplace become quieter, therefore, helping to improve concentration and productivity.

For those who are focused on improving heat insulation, in particular, we would recommend metal cladding panels, which can often be known as rain screen cladding. The purpose of metal cladding is to provide a more reliable coating over the property, and will also reduce cold bridging. Cold bridging occurs when the primary layer of insulation forms a small gap, which can then allow the elements outdoors to impact the inside of the property. Through installing a metal cladding, even if a gap occurs, you will have complete peace of mind that your property will remain a steady temperature until you have a chance to schedule repairs. For more information on the advantages of metal cladding panels, take a look at our previous article.

Installing Cladding

Requires Little Maintenance

One of the most prominent benefits to cladding, which comes as a relief to commercial property owners, in particular, is that systems are reasonably low maintenance. Unlike when using conventional methods to paint a property, the cladding will not begin to peel, flake or fade, providing that it is installed by reputable contractors, of course. This means that the only maintenance that you should ever require is thorough cleaning when the surface begins to look a little grubby.

Depending on the scale of your property, you can either clean the cladding through DIY methods or enlist the support of the professionals. Ideally, cladding should always be cleaned by those with the knowledge and equipment required to complete the job correctly. It will also be far safer to place your trust in those who are approved to operate access equipment, as in most cases, this will be necessary to ensure that you can reach even the toughest crevices of your building.

Jet Washing Cladding

Can Add Value To Your Property

Commercial property is an investment, which means that every owner hopes to receive the very best return when they opt for selling up. One way that you can give your property an instant boost in value is through replacing or respraying the cladding, depending on how old your system is. In the majority of cases, potential buyers are looking for premises that they can move straight into without having to pay extensive expenses associated with repairs or refurbishments. Through spending time improving the overall condition of your property, including installing quality cladding, you will have far more sought-after selling points to pitch to potential buyers.

To give a modern edge over other properties, you could even consider respraying other components of your building to create a cohesive, consistent appearance. We have many clients who pair their cladding spraying with staircase spraying, whether this may be on the inside or outside of their premises, often in their corporate colours. If these are services that you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We offer a bespoke colour-matching service, which is ideal for this project type, so would be more than happy to work with you to put together a tailored package.

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Helps To Improve Carbon Footprint

We should all actively be making lifestyle choices that positively impact the environment, so you will be pleased to know that installing cladding panels can help your effort towards this. As mentioned previously, cladding systems provide added insulation which, in return, will limit your reliance on central heating systems. There will be no need to turn up the heating by a few degrees to make up for lost heat, reducing both your energy bills and overall carbon footprint. Not only this, but cladding panels will also minimise how much carbon dioxide emissions are leaving your commercial property, once again boosting your sustainability.

Although all cladding materials will achieve the above, for those taking a complete ‘green’ approach to designing their building, timber panels will be the best fitting material. Timber is by far the most environmentally friendly cladding materials as unlike its alternatives; it is made from a naturally renewable source. Producing and manufacturing your timber cladding requires minimal fossil fuels, leaving just a small carbon footprint on the entire construction process. And even better, when you are finished with your cladding system, it will be 100% recyclable! If you are looking for more tips on how to make your commercial property greener, take a look at How Stuff Works.

Timber Cladding

Reduces Problems On The Interior

With poor protection on the exterior of your property, it is inevitable that the interior will begin to see problems, which is always a hassle, but even more so when it comes to a commercial property. Particularly in the current climate, downtime is the last thing that companies want to face; however, by installing quality, well-fitted cladding, you can ensure that the inside of your building is protected against exterior elements. This will also help your property to comply with health and safety regulations, minimising the likelihood of a breach.

One common issue that any building can face, which is caused by the exterior elements seeping in, is dampness. Along with looking unsightly, damp also comes alongside significant health risks to those working inside your building. Particularly if any staff suffer from respiratory conditions or allergies, the mould and mildew caused by damp will irritate these, meaning that you are likely to be faced with an increase in sick days. However, thanks to the durable nature of your cladding, you should always be fully protected against dampness. Should you notice a crack, for example, that runs the risk of moisture seeping in, then panel repairs can be completed quickly before the problem has a chance to grow.

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Reap The Wealth Of Qualities Of Cladding

Cladding is an essential aspect of every commercial property, yet is often overlooked when planning the initial design or a complete refurbishment. Through carefully selecting a cladding material that aligns with both your requirements and the elements of your building location, you will most definitely reap the wealth of benefits mentioned above. Together, this will not only keep your property in immaculate condition and problem-free for many years, but will also create an instant positive impression on visitors.

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