Whether you are a developer designing a new commercial property or a building owner hoping to upgrade your premises through reinstalling cladding, there will be an abundance of options available, all boasting different features. One of the newest, yet widely popular trends is to opt for metal as your chosen material, then tailoring the style to suit with your property. If this is something that you have been considering, then you would most definitely benefit from gaining a better understanding of the advantages of metal cladding panels. Not only will this help you to decide on the best-suited cladding material for you but also give you an insight into what you expect after the installation.

Top 7 Advantages Of Metal Cladding Panels

Metal is widely used across the construction industry, not only for cladding panels but also for structural components, joints, pipes, windows and much more. It is known for not only being a low-cost building material, but due to its lightweight nature, which we will discuss in detail later in the article, it couldn’t be easier to tailor to your requirements.

Having worked in the industry for several years on various projects such as onsite spraying and cladding repairs, we have seen the rise in the number of buildings equipped with these types of cladding panels. But why do they remain so popular? Let’s take a closer look at the different advantages of metal cladding, including the following:

Building with metal cladding

1. Straightforward To Install

When compared to other common cladding materials such as concrete or masonry, metal remains one of the most straightforward panel types to install. As well as being lighter than its alternatives, metal cladding is often manufactured as larger sized panels, meaning that they are far less tedious to fit onto a building. Moreover, as most are equipped with fastening mechanisms during the initial design process, a panel can simply be secured into place before moving onto the next. This allows the installer to cover more of the building at once, dramatically cutting the installation time, making the job significantly more manageable and less labour intensive.

Due to the ease of installation and the fact that metal cladding takes next to no time to fit, this does mean that it remains one of the most affordable options. This makes it ideal for those who are limited in terms of budget but do not want to compromise on quality. Not only will metal cladding save you money on installation but also in the long-run as it is incredibly unlikely that you will ever have to pay out for repairs.

2. Guaranteed Durability

If durability, understandably, is your main priority, then you will not be able to find a better cladding solution than metal. Whether you opt for installing metal exterior panels, roofing or even cladding on the inside of your property, you can have peace of mind that it will remain robust for years to come. It is also considerably more resilient to common causes of panel damage such as adverse weather conditions, chemical reactions and general wear and tear. In addition, metal will not fade when exposed to UV rays, deteriorate due to high winds or experience water damage; all of which are typical problems amongst alternative materials such as timber.

For those who require cladding that guarantees extreme strength, you may want to consider adopting the honeycomb technique. Honeycomb panelling is a popular method used when installing metal cladding and allows the weight of the material to be evenly balanced; therefore, providing consistent strength across every area of the building. It is just as quick and easy to install, yet will ensure that your property can withstand immense impact.

Curved metal cladding

3. Highly Versatile

As previously mentioned, metal is widely used across the construction industry, making it a highly versatile solution when designing a commercial property. Although its primary use would be on the exterior panels, it can also be used as cladding for roofing, fascias, soffits, trims and much more. As well as using metal when designing a new building, it is also a fantastic option for those hoping to replace existing components that are beginning to deteriorate. Many developers or premises owners choose to upgrade their current vinyl or wood details with metal replacements to future-proof their building. It means that they can not only add a modernised touch to the appearance of the site but also have to reassurance that they will not experience problems in the decades to come.

When choosing to use metal across a building, it is vital to ensure that you select the correct metal to complement its use. While all types of metal come alongside the same wealth of benefits, each is better suited to a different aspect of a property. For instance, steel is often used for the structural components, whereas aluminium is ideal for the cladding panels themselves. For more information on the different types of metal used in construction and what each is best suited to, take a look at Designing Buildings Wiki.

4. Design Flexibility

Whether your property has a contemporary or traditional aesthetic, opting for metal cladding will allow you to have full design flexibility over the end product. While many assume that metal is only available in a bland silver shade, thanks to its versatile nature, it can actually be customised entirely to blend seamlessly with the appearance of your building. Panels can be altered to feature a unique texture, quirky edges or cut into shapes for a patterned effect – the possibilities truly are endless. There are an array of stunning buildings from across the world that are the perfect examples of how you can add a touch of personality to cladding for a property that most definitely stands out from the crowd. Find out more about our favourites over on our previous article on the best exterior cladding from around the world.

Along with altering the shape and texture of metal panels, you are also free to be creative with the colour through cladding spraying. This is perfect if you want to reap the host of excellent benefits of metal but are less keen on the idea of having a silver building. All surfaces are prepped and primed before being sprayed in your chosen colour to ensure that the paint remains durable through all conditions. If you would like more information on onsite spraying, then head over our guide posted earlier this year!

Geometric metal cladding

5. Environmentally Friendly

The majority of metal cladding panels are made from post-consumer waste, making them an environmentally friendly building option. Post-consumer waste relates to any items which have served their purpose to a consumer, and now their materials are being recycled for a second use. The materials are collected from landfill sites and then reused in the production of new goods, which includes the manufacturing of particular cladding panels. This means that items made using post-consumer waste do not involve the use of raw materials, helping you to lower your carbon footprint should you adopt this route.

If your impact on the environment heavily impacts your decisions when designing or upgrading your commercial building, then there are a host of other ways that you can make the property more efficient. Along with using sustainable materials, another effective way to take a greener approach is to ensure that the building is adequately insulated. Insulation will always prove a valuable investment, meaning that it is always recommended to pay for quality. You will need to ensure that key areas such as roofing, walls and flooring are all equipped with high-performance insulation that will prevent heat loss. EcoMerchant has put together a helpful article on the seven elements that you should consider when hoping to become more sustainable, which features an array of ideas.

6. Low Maintenance

As metal cladding is resistant to all manner of conditions and common causes of damage, it means that the material requires little maintenance to stay in immaculate condition. Unlike wood or brickwork, metal also will not absorb or retain any moisture, even when faced with the rainy British winter that we all know too well. This means that you will never have to worry about contaminants such as mould and mildew from forming on the surface, which not only causes the structural components to deteriorate but can also impact the health of those working inside. And even better, metal is naturally repellent against insects, which is another common commercial property issue that you won’t have to consider!

The only form of maintenance that your metal cladding will require is cleaning to ensure that panels remain to look pristine. This, again, is a super straightforward task that is made even easier through enlisting professional building cleaning services. The team here at Just Spray offer building cleaning to clients big and small, using powerful jet washers to ensure that even the most tedious of contours are free to dirt and debris. Feel free to contact us to get booked in!

To ensure that you can take advantage of the low maintenance qualities of metal cladding, it is imperative that during the installation process, if panels are cut to size, the protective coating is reapplied. In ensuring that all cladding is complete with a plastic coating, you will stop the edges from rusting, which is otherwise known as cut edge corrosion. This is the only problem that may occur with metal cladding, but can easily be prevented. For a full guide on cut edge corrosion, head over to our previous article.

Jet washing cladding

7. Lightweight Material

Throughout our article, we have mentioned the lightweight nature of metal, which not only allows ease of installation but also comes alongside another significant benefit. Through equipping your property with only lightweight panels, you can minimise the risk of any structural damage. Your properties load will be considerably reduced, which means that you make your building as unique and eyecatching as you wish, without putting pressure on the internal components.

Reap The Benefits Of Metal Cladding

Having run through the wealth of benefits that metal cladding promises, it is no surprise that it remains one of the most popular construction materials. It is an excellent option if you want to keep your budget as low as possible without having to compromise on a quality material that will remain robust in the future. With metal cladding, you will always have peace of mind that your commercial property will stand strong and free from significant damage.

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