On site spraying covers a wide range of services which can be utilised to ensure your commercial property, shop front or car garage are in perfect condition all year round. An on site service essentially means any one of our services which can be carried out on our client site. There are a variety of different services which umbrella from on site spraying all of which can be used to help protect, prevent and improve the aesthetics of your property. Read on to find out exactly what on site spraying services are available to you and when you might need them.

What on site spraying services can I use?

Just Spray offer a large number of services which fall under on site spraying. We are a highly trained team of specialist spray technicians who have worked on a number of projects across the years, which means we have built a reputable brand and our industry knowledge is exceptional. All that being said, it allows us to ensure our client receive a high-quality service and their specific needs and requirements are met at all times.

Shop front coating systems

Many of those who own a retail space will know that having a perfect storefront does wonder for your business. Not only does it help to bring people through the door but it also means you can portray your brand’s image through the exterior of your premises. As part of the building which is more commonly exposed to our great British weather, storefronts can often take a massive hit when it comes to deterioration.

Shop front coatings are a fantastic way to ensure your store has a perfect appearance and appeals to your customers the way you want it to. Many of our shop front coatings also present themselves as a protective layer to your storefront. As we mentioned, they are normally exposed to a range of weather forms which can cause fading, deterioration and corrosion all which you do not want on your storefront. Coatings can be applied to ensure your exterior is water and dirt resistant which provides a gorgeous exterior all year round.

When it comes to a storefront, you also may want to consider maintenance; this does not have to be done every year as our coatings often come with extended guarantees. However, if your branding is of bright colours, depending on where you are located this can often mean they are more likely to fade, which may require regular maintenance to guarantee a top-notch colour.

Facade coatings

The facade of your commercial property is normally the focal point to your building, which every so often needs a little attention and care. Facades can really make a building and are often used in architecture to provide your commercial property with a gorgeous design. Much like a shop front, the facade is often what is exposed to all of the natural elements and will take the brunt of the damage. As the exterior of your commercial building, you may want to think about the impression it gives off if left to wilt away by corrosion it can come across that the company does not care about the brand image.

red panels

The exterior of your building is often what your clients, visitors and customers first see, which is why you want to give them a valuable first impression. There are two different options you may want to consider when it comes to facade coatings, the first being composite cladding panel coatings, this type of paint allows your commercial property to receive the perfect colour and finish you are after. It is also one of the most cost-effective coating methods available to you. Sheet cladding coatings are also something you may want to consider; however, they are more beneficial to specific industries which include Factories, Unites and Industrial businesses; the reason for this is it is much lower in maintenance cost as it does not need regular preservation.

Another thing to consider is wooden cladding, not many commercial properties have wooden cladding panels, so it is not something you would regularly have to think about. However, if you do, you will need regular maintenance, and wood panels tend to need treating a lot more. You can also experience wood worms which eat away at the cladding panels, so you may want to look at having a woodworm control specialists.

Roof Coatings

The roof on your commercial property is one of the most neglected places; facilities managers will tend to forget about it until there is a problem. One of our most popular coatings is our roof sheet coating services, as it has a range of benefits which mean that even if your roof does slip your mind when it comes to maintenance, it is not the end of the world.

Roofs can pose as a health and safety risk if they are not dealt with in sufficient timing, you should always make sure that you do check your roofing every year as water can often pool in certain areas which may result in large leaks. A great benefit about the roof coatings we offer here at Just Spray is that they come with a 25-year guarantee which helps put your mind at ease as a business owner, knowing you potentially do not have to worry about your metal roof sheets for a couple of years.

Along with roof sheet coatings, we also offer coatings for both cement fibre roofs and asphalt roofs. If you have a cement fibre roof, you will notice that the colour and quality of the cement fibres can deteriorate over time. With the right coating, you can make them more durable along with increasing their overall lifespan which helps eliminate the risk of having to replace the system which can be very expensive. Asphalt roof systems can also be prone to leaks, as the waterproof layer is removed when it is exposed to bad weather. Coatings mean the protective layer is reapplied and prevent any water penetration ensuring your property stays clean and dry at all times.
roof coatings

Food safe & hygiene spraying

For anyone that has a premises where hygiene is critically important then you may want to consider our food safe and hygiene coatings. There are a number of industries that would highly benefit from having food safe coatings applied which include:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Medical Facilities
  • Sport Centres
  • Laboratories

The hygiene and food safe coating has been designed in such a way that it prevents the spreading of germs. Therefore if you have harmful bacteria on your hands or on any utensils that you’re using, then you will be less likely to spread the bacteria causing potential health and safety risk. It also makes your establishment much easier to clean; you will find that even when applied to a porous material the coating provides a shield to the pores, which means nothing can be held within the coating — making it simple and easy to clean just by wiping with disinfectant.

What many people do not realise is the potential harm they could be causing their staff by not having this coating application. While you may undergo a deep clean within your premises, if you were to shine a UV light onto the walls, desks, eating areas or even door handles, the amount of germs still present is phenomenal.

Hygiene and food safe coatings are also excellent for maintenance as you do not need to book in for regular maintenance. Hygiene coatings are excellent at keeping their finish along with their protective layers, even if you are cleaning them on a regular basis. Another aspect of this coating which may be beneficial to your business if you are fast paced and need to keep company going is that even during the application process, it is extremely quick to dry which means minimal disruption to work.

Curtain Walling

In built-up areas such as industrial or commercial spaces where there may be a high level of pollution, curtain walling can often be drastically affected. Causing high levels of corrosion and deterioration, they can start to look very outdated and tired at a quick rate. Curtain walling paint can also start to bubble, as the glass between it can become hot, the paint takes the brunt of the warmth and starts to flake, peel and bubble. Curtain walling coatings are specially designed to prevent this exact thing from happening. Not only will the right coating application stop it from fading but it can also ensure the paint is maintained throughout the years.

When should I consider on site spraying services?

On site spraying can be completed during any time of the year however, warmer months are more ideal for this type of service.

During the winter months it more commonly damp, with a significant amount of moisture in the air. All of which can have a drastic effect on how well the coating adheres to the exterior of your property. When it is wet, you may find that the coating starts to bubble due to trapped moisture, which is why it is normally ideal for the weather to be dry and crisp if you are considering having this type of service during the winter months.

Spring and summer is perfect for on site spraying services as you will often find that not only is it much dryer but also the days are longer meaning work can be carried out and completed much quicker. Coatings also settle easier which means we can guarantee a perfect finish.

For more information on, on site spraying or any of our cladding spraying services or for a free quotation and site survey, get in touch with a dedicated member of the Just Spray team on 0845 299 3406 or info@justspray.co.uk.

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